Office and commercial buildings

Magaziin store in Haapsalu

Client: KPG Kaubanduse OÜ

Location: Haapsalu

Year: 2022

Magaziin store in Jõhvi

Client: KPG Kaubanduse OÜ

Location: Jõhvi

Year: 2021

Magaziin store in Kuressaare

Client: KPG Kaubanduse OÜ

Location: Tallinna 78, Kuressaare

Year: 2020

Tõnismägi 5A basement repair works

Client: Riigi Kinnisvara AS

Location: Tõnismägi 5A, Tallinn

Year: 2020

Airwave OÜ office building

Client: Airwave OÜ

Location: Kesk-Sõjamäe 7, Tallinn

Year: 2019

Altos Teed OÜ office building

Client: OÜ Üle

Location: Õlleköögi põik 6, Tallinn

Year: 2019

Restaurant SÜSI Grill & Chill in T1 Mall of Tallinn

Client: Süvirand OÜ

Location: Peterburi tee 2, Tallinn

Year: 2019

The renovation of the office building

Client: BVT Invest Oü

Location: Vägeva tee 7, Peetri alevik, Rae vald, Harjumaa

Year: 2017

Production and office building for Saue EPT

Client: Saue EPT AS

Location: Tule 22, Saue

Year: 2016

Repairning of the passenger terminal facade in Paldiski Lõunasadam

Client: AS Tallinna Sadam

Location: Paldiski Lõunasadam

Year: 2016

Construction of Uuemõisa business center laundry rooms and construction of water and sewerage utility lines

Client: Uuemõisa Ärikeskus OÜ

Location: Tehnika Põik 4, Uuemõisa, Ridala vald

Year: 2016

Escape route of the administrative building of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Client: Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Location: Islandi väljak 1, Tallinn

Year: 2016

Office building construction

Client: AA Sisustusdetail OÜ

Location: Tallinna mnt 80, Uuemõisa, Läänemaa

Year: 2015

Office building extension works

Client: Hilaris AS

Location: Võru mnt 254, Tartu

Year: 2014

Commercial building construction and construction of facilities

Client: Kaarsilla Kinnisvara OÜ

Location: Ringtee 78, Tartu

Year: 2014

Taebla store rebuilding

Client: Haapsalu Tarbijate Ühistu

Location: Pargi 2, Taebla, Läänemaa

Year: 2013

AS Pinus warehouse

Client: AS Pinus

Location: Paldiski mnt 107, Tallinn

Year: 2012

Bauhof retail complex in Võru

Client: OÜ Sõbra Ärikeskus

Location: Pikk 2, Võru

Year: 2009

White House

Client: BPT Varahaldus OÜ

Location: Tartu mnt 63, Tallinn

Year: 2009

Reconstruction of the Bauhof retail complex in Tallinn

Client: OÜ Ehitus Service Kinnisvara

Location: Peterburi tee 64, Tallinn

Year: 2008

OÜ Tern Katused office building and warehouse

Client: OÜ Tern Katused

Location: Ehitajate tee 2a, Uuemõisa, Ridala vald

Year: 2008

Bauhof retail complex in Valga

Client: OÜ Sõbra Ärikeskus

Location: Viljandi mnt 80a, Valga

Year: 2008

Bauhof retail complex in Haapsalu

Client: OÜ Ehitus Service Kinnisvara

Location: Tallinna mnt 68a, Uuemõisa, Haapsalu

Year: 2008

Konsum shopping centre at Uuemõisa

Client: OÜ Fine Kinnisvara

Location: Uuemõisa, Haapsalu

Year: 2007

Vehicle inspection center

Client: OÜ Center Services

Location: Pärnu mnt 552, Tallinn

Year: 2006

OÜ ATI Grupp office building

Client: OÜ ATI Grupp

Location: Peterburi mnt 94, Tallinn

Year: 2006

AS Fiskostar warehouse

Client: Fiskostar OÜ

Location: Suur-Paala 4, Tallinn

Year: 2004