BauEst OÜ

BauEst OÜ started out as a family company in 2006.

As of today, our team has grown significantly and our construction activities include general contracting, project management and industrial and civil construction. One of our main goals is to constantly improve the quality management of our construction work so that the needs and expectations of our clients will be better met.

As a rule, we begin work much earlier than on the construction site. Quite often, we start our partnership from the planning and designing phases of a building. Since we also have a designer on our team, we can offer consultations and cooperation from the early stages of the project until the building is finished. We have also realised that some construction stages are best carried out with our own team. We have teams who we can trust for concrete work, general construction and finishing works.

Year after year we have invested in self-improvement in order to become better partners for our clients. Above all else, we prize similar values when putting together our team, which also includes our associates and subcontractors. We strive to have our people think and work for a shared goal – a goal that the Client perceives as the best and most constructive way of accomplishing everything from the designing to the finishing of the building. We aspire to be a partner to Clients who are not content with mediocrity. We value uniqueness in our team, which is also what we bring to our Client and associates. We base our construction planning on the Client’s wishes and expectations in order to make the process enjoyable and as efficient as possible for all parties involved.

We do our job properly and we enjoy it!